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How to install phpldapadmin

What is phpLDAPadmin? phpLDAPadmin is a web-based LDAP administration tool for managing your LDAP server. With it you can browse your LDAP tree, view LDAP schema, perform searches, create, delete, copy and edit LDAP...

How to install openerp on centos

Openerp is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite. Follow the steps to install openerp:

Download and Install repository, dependencies:

How to install Snorby

Snorby is a frontend application for Snort. Snorby let you check and analyze your Snort events and alerts from a web browser. If you are coming from previous post, How to Install snort, barnyard,...

How to install Barnyard2

Installation of Barnyard Barnyard is application that run on Snort binary files and can output the data to MySQL server and then use it with other PHP web application.

How to install snort on centos

Snort® is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) developed by Sourcefire. Combining the benefits of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection. Installation of snort Create snort user and group:


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